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Extended real estate evaluation and search functions beta

The first time ever, for real estate classifieds, CityScale presenting a set of tools, that allow you to find a home with the best location much more quickly and with less effort.
Points of interest * let you filter out offers by commute time to your significant places in a city like a city center, office, academia, kindergartens or school for your children, etc.

It will be especially useful combined with the next function.
* - available for Kyiv, Kharkiv, Dnipro, Odesa, Zaporizhzhya, Lviv and their suburbs.
Location benefit shows how real estate price conforms to the quality of location.
See "Price - Mark" in real estate map filters.
Detailed marks hold location evaluation by separate qualities: crimes, pollution and transportation.
See an offer markers on real estate maps.
No limits for offer detail views.

How to get an access ?

At this moment extended functions are in beta.

You should be a registered user and publicly share a link to this page using the same account that you have used in registration.

We will send you an access grant notification by email during the day.

If it didn't happend, please, email us a shared link.

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Your questions and comments on this and other functions you can leave in real estate maps discussion or email us.

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