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About us

    As a real estate search service we collect and evaluate data about the quality and cost of life in cities, so that among the thousands of options you could easily choose the best one.

    The results of our work are interactive maps with unique tools for real estate search. There you can find aggregated and detailed information about home prices, crime rate, pollution, transportation, educational and health facilities, household tariffs, etc.

For registered users

    By registering on our site, you will:
        - get access to extended functions;
        - get direct info about your home;
        - be able to invite neighbors and communicate with them;
        - be able to organize a public events;
        - get access to special services.
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Special services

    On our site you can find data not only as an interactive maps, but also as an open data files, that can be used in your projects right away.

    Moreover, registered users can download data through an API.
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    We are also provide crime rate, pollution and transport accessibility marks as a standalone service.
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Others about us

"Підшуковуєте, де орендувати або придбати квартиру ... У пригоді стане портал CityScale ...", - Вежа.

"Есть крутой проект, который анализирует условия жизни в малых и больших городах по всей Украине", - БЖ.

"На інтерактивній карті можна навіть дізнатися про кількість крадіжок у вашому будинку", - Є.

"Вибір житла за допомогою CityScale", - Tech Today.

"В Уанете появился сайт поиска жилья с расширенными критериями выборки", - Blog Imena.UA.

We are in top 10 "Maidan-Hackathon" projects.



    You can also leave your comments on a map or in discussions.

Data sources

    In our work we strive to use the most complete and accurate data to provide the highest quality of the result. Therefore, we refer to the most competent data sources.

    E.g., cost of housing evaluation data collected from several main sites with real estate ads, among them - Address.ua. Data is updated once a day.

     The crime map created based on court decisions, National Police, Prosecutor General's Office and State Penitentiary Service of Ukraine data.

    To fill up pollution map we use Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of Ukraine reports about environment pollution, State Pollution Monitoring Network and Integrated Radiation Monitoring System in Chornobyl Exclusion Zone data.

    Data sources for household tariffs are National Household Regulatory Commission and local authorities.

    Also we use geo-data from OpenStreetMap.

    Moreover, every site user can report additional information right on a map.


    We are glad to welcome those who are willing to join our team!

Main page About us Blog Open data Support
Discussions Feedback
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