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Quality of life evaluation from us

    In order to help you make fast quality of life evaluation for any locations. So that you do not need your own analysis of tons of data about crimes, pollution, transportation. We have evaluated it for you as an aggregated mark - CityMark©.

    It is simple. Mark is a number from "1" to "10", where "1" - corresponds to the worst conditions, and "10" - to the best one. You need just a glimpse to see where is better to live.

How we are evaluate ?

    Crimes are evaluated on a basis of crime records count per area unit.

    Pollution is evaluated based on air pollution monitoring stations network data, stationary pollution sources location, transport grid, and "green areas".

    Transport accessibility we are evaluating by a number of accessible transport types and their routes, including time to reach a transport stop.

    To score education accessibility, we look at the number of nearby operating educational facilities, from kindergartens to academia. And for kindergartens and schools, we also count facilities occupancy: overall vacant places in a facility and the number on kids in groups or classes.

    And that is not all. We are constantly working on our life quality evaluation extensions and enhancements.
    If you have any suggestions on this topic, please, send them by email or leave them in discussions.

CityMark© use in your projects

    Our valuations can be used not only on our real estate maps but in your own projects, as well.
    Please, send a request to get an access.

    In this case, you can get valuations online, through an API as JSON, or like a file of pre-calculated data.

Usage example

Main page About us Blog Open data Support
Discussions Feedback
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