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This year we have one more remarkable annivarsary.
As well as the project, our open data portal has become ten years old. It is the first public ukrainian open data portal that we have launched in September of 2013.
The motivation behind was to free other developers from the need to search and process data by themselves, and let them concentrate on unique parts of their projects.
So, go create more projects based on open data.

Great news we have.
In the tough conditions of the russian war against Ukraine, we have changed our map engine to Leaflet from Ukrainian author-developer Volodymyr Agafonkin.
As a result, our maps work at least three times(3x) faster than before. You can see it with the naked eye.
What is more, we have got a better architecture that helps provide updates much easier. Therefore changes that have been postponed should be released much more quicker. Some of them are already released.
Oddly enough, we have chosen Bing Maps from Microsoft as a base map. They are better suited to our requirements.
Also, we have looked on Mapbox. But, unfortunately, they are not providing the Ukrainian language.
And as of OpenStreetMap, they are still disgracing with a statement about, whose is Crimea?
Glory to Ukraine!

The EU Datathon 2021 Finale is happening now, and we are competing there for the main prizes.
The results will be announced later this day.
Today we are officially releasing an international site localization in English.
For more details, you can check how European open data about crimes, public transport and schools in Dublin and London, look like.
Official results are here. Details in comments.

A crazy news we have!
CityScale has became EU Datathon 2021 finalist in a section "An economy that works for people".
EU Datathon 2021 finalists.
According to the competition rules finalists will get prizes from 5 000 to 18 000 euros. And which one it will be we will find out at the finale - 25th of November.
We are starting our journey to Europe!

Main page About us Blog Open data Support
Discussions Feedback
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